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Open House Musts

First impressions mean everything. The house should be set up in the best possible lighting. Everything should be clean and organized. Here are some basic tips to help you have a successful open house.

No owners. First and foremost, all occupants of the house should leave for the duration of the open house. It’s hard for potential buyers to envision themselves living in the house if the current owner is there. It can also be uncomfortable for the owner to watch other people go through their cabinets and closets.

Remove pets. For the pets and the people coming to the house. Animals often get stressed when strangers are in their home, especially when their owner isn’t home. Some people also suffer from allergies. Other people generally just don’t like animals, for some reason or another, and they could be less willing to stay and look at the house if there’s a little creature stalking them.

Put down the toilet lid. I don’t think this one needs explaining. No one wants to look in your dirty bowl. Just close it.

Clean everything. Take a good look around the house. Really take it all in. Wipe down all of the counter tops and vacuum all of the floors. Notice any cobwebs in the corners? Do you see spotty windows? Are there little crayon marks or food smears on the wall? Take care of it. Not only will the house look nicer clean, but clean things usually don’t give off an odor. If you have cats make sure there litter box is clean. Empty the garbage can frequently. Open the windows and let some fresh air in. The little things that you don’t notice will not be missed by the critical eye of potential buyers.

Organize. I have seen people cram so much of their belongings into closets and cabinets that the doors won’t even shut. It creates the illusion that the space is smaller than it actually is. People are going to look everywhere to see how much space there is and to be sure everything is working properly. It’s best to pack up whatever you won’t need. Store your child’s/pet’s toys in a toy box. Find a small container to organize your toiletries and keep your make up in a make up bag. Keeping your items organized not only makes a room look bigger but it makes it easier for people to look without disturbing any of your belongings.

The outside matters too. It’s the first thing people see when they pull up. Cut the grass and pull the weeds. Some nice flowers in the front most certainly wouldn’t hurt either. Power washing the grime of the sidewalks and the house can truly make a huge difference as well. Make sure the gutters aren’t overflowing with leaves and the

Lighting is important. All of the lights should be turned on and all of the blinds should be open. Doing this makes the house look more inviting.

Secure all valuables. Some people are not trustworthy. If you leave your rainy day fund sitting on the counter or leave a laptop out on the bed, there’s no guarantee it will still be there when it’s all said and done. Lock your valuables in a safe or just take them with you so there’s no worry. Better safe than sorry, right?

I hope this information helps you have a great open house! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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